SFS Hockey Strength Conditioning

Players at virtually all skill levels and ages have trained within the studio, including some of Cape Breton’s top rated and well-known players, Chris Culligan (Cardiff Devils, All-time points leader Cape Breton Screaming Eagles), Joey Haddad (Cardiff Devils), Logan Shaw (Florida Panthers, Anaheim Ducks), Brad Cuzner (Halifax Mooseheads/StFX), Ryan Sparling (QMJHL 20th overall draft pick 2005, 2nd all-time points St. John Seadogs), Cory MacIntosh (CB Screaming Eagles/StFX), Mikey Lyle (CB Screaming Eagles), Stephen Woodworth (CB Screaming Eagles), Dave MacDonald (Cincinnati Cyclones), Jessica Wong (Women’s U-22 team Canada, NCAA Minnesota Duluth), Derek Gentile (Quebec Remparts), Mitchell Balmas (Charlottetown Islanders), Cavan Fitzgerald (Halifax Mooseheads) and many recent QMJHL draft picks, Junior A players, and younger prospects.

We offer strength and conditioning programs to all players at any level throughout the entire year (usually starting around 2nd year atom or first year peewee). Our off-season program consist of 4 to 5 phases which includes every necessary training factor that will ready the player for their upcoming season. The players can expect an increase in strength and maximal strength, power, endurance, balance, agility, quickness, speed, core stability/strength, and flexibility. We also offer in-season maintenance phases to help promote prevention of injury and maintain all aspects of strength and conditioning. In all programs, players will gain proper knowledge of soft tissue techniques, pre-movement stretching, active and dynamic warm-ups, and sports nutrition. Our programs follow an optimum performance training model, meaning our first priority is to build “function” within our athletes before we progress them towards maximum strength lifts or any types of Olympic lifts. All individuals will be closely supervised to ensure proper technique and safety. Any musculoskeletal issues or imbalances will be corrected for less chance of injury while training or competing. We utilize progressions and regressions to exercise technique that ensures injury prevention in the training rooms, injury reduction while competing, and a wide range of strength and conditioning benefits. All of our athletes come to our facility with similar goals in mind; to better performance in their sport. Our measuring stick for success is found in the field of play, not in poundage pressed or lifted. We utilize specific exercises and assessment methods to get our athletes where they need to be.

Our current in-season fees are roughly around $10.00 per session plus tax, and our off-season fees vary depending on volume of sessions, and whether our August ice times are included.

Call Ryan at 537-1053 or e-mail ryan@szetofitnessstudio.com to inquire about session bookings!